Saturday, December 29, 2012

Moms Christmas

We had Christmas with my mom this year! I liked having it at my house b/c Jaxxi's the youngest grandchild and usually gets the most presents b/c her stuff cost less so just ends up with more stuff! so I liked the fact that we didn't have to load and unload a bunch of presents!

Most of the presents under around the tree!

Jaxxi found one of her "Santa" gifts early she got a baby stroller! So she's keeping her baby warm: )

Mom made these cute snowman cupcakes!

Me and my girl!

Santa visited Jaxxi twice this year! Here's what he left at moms Christmas! A solid wood baby crib, and a desk she can color at and do puzzle on.

playing with her baby!

My nephew Alec opening up presents!

Shanes socked face! LOL

I think she loves her bed!
It was a lot of fun! The bad thing about having it at your house is the clean up!

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