Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines day!

We celebrated Valentines day a day early because we were going to some appointments, and I had to work on the 14th and knew we wouldn't be getting out to wear our cute outfits!

My family of 4! Sorry it's a little blurry my mom is not the greatest photographer

Sibling love! Check out his tie :)

they love their Daddy

This little girl is a MESS!

We went to the eye doctor and here she is sitting  like a big girl!

She was -2 nearsighted and has an astigmatism so she has to wear glasses again! (pray that goes well)

Getting some practice in wearing her shades :)
Our lives have never been more busy, stressful, exhausting, but it's also the best days of our lives! Jaxxi has her 2nd birthday party coming up this weekend hoping its a great success!

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Dawn Castor said...

That baby has the same disease Jaxxi used to have -- heart on his face! Lol. So happy for your crazy child filled life!!