Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy 2 years baby girl!!

Mommy can't believe that you are an ornery, busy, sweet and oh so cute 2 year old already!! We are so glad we get to be your Mommy and Mama (you call daddy mama right now lol!) You for sure keep us busy and test our patience everyday. Little secret your Mommy is kinda of spit fire too, so you had no hope. :) The last two years have been the best of my life and can't wait to continue to watch you grow into the person you will become. Mommy and Daddy love you so much baby girl!

6 months old!

Loving some yogurt!

Your aunt Kass lets you do whatever you want

snuggle time with Daddy :)

At your Round up awards banquet with mommy

Thanksgiving 2012

You just look to big in this pic! I can just imagine what 16 will look like!

Swing on a beautiful February day!

What Jaxxi is doing at 2 years
  • saying just about every ones name that we ask her to, repeating everything.
  • saying a few phrases "I want candy" "I want a bath" "Mama, Huck outside" "I'm Cold" "want my show"
  • love to shake your booty and dance!
  • Singing oh so sweetly
  • Love asking about Poppy all day long! 
  • NO MORE BINK! as of 2/2/2013
  • Stealing our hearts with you smiles and funny facial expressions
  • starting to use big girl potty
  • learning how to be a big sister.
  • You love eggs, hot dogs, pizza, pasta...things that aren't very good for you!
  • size 5 shoes
  • 18-24 month clothes
  • around 24 lbs wont know for sure till well baby visit 

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