Monday, May 19, 2008

New Pool!

Well this weekend Tish and Scott bought Bree a pool. So as we were playing in it we all decieded that we really wanted a pool just to get wet in. So we decieded to go in on half a pool from wal-mart. It was quite the adventure. We took Tisha's car and we really didn't think about room so when we got the pool to the car we discovered we were going to have to put the back seat down excpet for where Bree rides. So anyway me and Shane piled in to the back hatch with pool and all. I was getting a little closterphobic before we got home. then the boys went to work. the pool was up and the water was being put in that's when I realized that it was going to take forever to fill it up. So I was a little disappointed b/c i wanted to swim right then. What can you do! So me and Shane and Bree got in when there wasn't very much water to straighten the liner. well before I got out of the pool I was completely soaked Shane and Bree tackled me to the ground and splashed me. Then everyone said you wanted to swim. So I guess techanically I was the first to swim in our new pool!

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Mandy said...

I wish you had a picture of you and Shane in the back of the car with the seat down!! That would be hilarious.