Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day!

Well we went to Tulsa for the weekend. I mostly worked at the baseball fields. On Monday we got to go to my family's cookout. Most of which I haven't seen since Christmas so it was really good to see everyone. I really realize how much I miss them.

These are all the girls from left to right Sarah, Jennifer, Kassie, Me, Laci, Leslie

This is the Cat and Jammers as my Grandma call us I'm not really sure why, we are all born in the same year and me and Sarah are only ll days apart.

This is my cousin Laci and her daughter Cali and her husband Beau in the back .
This is me and my sister and my cousin Jen they say Kass and Jen look more like sisters!

Me and my Daddy!

I had a great weekend I hope everyone else did to and took a little time to pray for and thank our veterans.

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