Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still Alive!

I am still alive just extremely busy! I hope everyone had a great mothers day! I traveled all the way to Springfield Missouri... Well before we made it there I got us lost and ended up in Arkansas. I usually have better since of directions but we were blabbing then we seen the sign!!! It was quite funny. We made it safely though. Saturday was a bit scary b/c we were only a few miles away from all the huge tornado's but God is good and kept us safe from that also. I had a great time being with my Mom. We shopped for six hours talk about my feet hurting! :(
I start my new job at Stage tonight so if your out in about in the big town of Woodward u might just see me there. still have no clue what I will be doing but we shall see!!!


Anonymous said...

ummm no i tried to tell you we were going the wrong way and you wouldnt listen to me

Ashley said...

your a retard