Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The happenings

I havent posted in a while, and I have some great pics of this weekend that I will hopefully get up sometime this week. I have been very sad b/c I thought I wasn't going to get to go see Jarrett in the Hospital. Well I'm going to get to go! but probably after he is born :( not that he'll remember any way :) But I got to be through all of Bree's labor and that's a memory we can keep forever. Anyway I'm leaving right after my summer reading program on Thursday, I had to find someone to work for me at Stage, at this point either let me off or I will quit! but it didn't come to that :). I'm going to stay on Friday! So yay I get to go see Jarrett before they come home from the hospital I still hate that I lot of people get to see him before his future favorite Aunt gets to see him :) Have a great day everyone Hopefully I'll get pics up soon.


Tisha said...

Maybe my dad can call you on the cell as soon as he is delivered and you can hear his first cry. You didn't get to do that with Bree!!! I still wish you could be there for the whole thing :(

Becky said...

Hopefully, he won't be stubborn and wait for you to arrive before he makes his appearance (at least I bet Tisha hopes that :D) You drive carefully to Stillwater, you hear?

Brandy Lee said...

I know you are sad but hopefully you can there in time. Nane is going to call as soon as he hears that Jarrett is here, so you better call him asap because even I am getting impatient. We love you guys.