Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still here pics to come!

Well I survived my week Yay! I've gotten only five books read :( I really need to read a whole lot more but what can you do. The baby shower went off without a hitch. We found Stillwater with only a few little glitches. (like almost hitting a lady b/c we didn't see a stop light :) ) Hopefully Jarrett will just want to come this Friday! O yea back to the book thing I got volunteered for something completely out of my comfort zone. I'm now the Chair-Elect for the committee which means next year I'm the Chair. (Which basically means VP) So I have to help arrange getting Authors to and from airports showing them around eating meals with them. This should be an interesting year. I'm excited to do it though the experience will be very good. I will be posting pic of the Shower and my sister and cousins tonight!


Kara said...

I am glad you made it to stillwater safely! It sounds like you are going to be busier than ever at the library! Good luck with all the reading! Also glad to hear the shower went well! Everyone I asked said it was fun! Sorry I missed it!

Ashley said...

We missed ya at the shower! Hope you had fun.