Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy Week!

Well it's another insane week at the Allens so I decided to post on my only not so abnormal day! As most of you know my second job is stage well I have closed every night since Thursday and have to again tonight! Then on Wednesday I head to the city for a meeting b/c i put myself on the Sequoyah Committee which I'm suppose to read 293 books by Feb. I know also crazy! Then on Thursday I turn around for another workshop in the city. I'm already tired just typing all this. Then on Friday I'm driving Tisha to Stillwater for her first Doctors apt. there. Oh, and then my sister and cousin are coming so sometime in there I have to clean my house that has been neglected for three weeks. Then on Saturday morning I'm hosting Tisha Baby shower So needless to say this will be one busy week. Oh, yea if you see me in any of my free time yea right! Say you need to get your nose in a book, I'm little stressed about this reading goal. I hope everyone has a good week I will try and post but not sure if I can. Hope to see everyone at the shower if you can make it!


Kara said...

That sounds overwhelming to read all those books...can some of us read them for you and report on them to you? Just reading about your week made me tired! Good luck this week :)

Ashley said...

I wish other people could I would just start handing them out.