Monday, December 8, 2008

I love my dork!

**WARNING** picture over load. I was going through my Camera and stumbled on all these photo's I couldn't wait to share, Shane may want to kill me, but I couldn't spare giving all of my faithful :) blog readers a good laugh!

This is Shane board to death at tree trimming again not his favorite holiday tradition!

as for the rest of these pics I just can't explain them other than that's just Shane.

These next few pictures where for us to have a few good pics of the last Thanksgiving as a family of two.

this seriously was the best pic even though his eyes look like a crazy man.

why o why do you have to do this to me Shane Allen!
Hope you all enjoyed them as much as me.


Janice said...

So, a side of Shane I hadn't seen before. I must say though, it doesn't surprise me too much. Janice B.

Tisha said...

Okay some of those look like he is looking in one of those mirrors in a fun house. He is a retard.

Go For It! said...

The boy is just like his mother! So... now everyone knows what they are both like.

Dawn said...

Oh my. Has he considered a career in comedy??? Rubber face!

Poppy said...

Dork is right. The ole apple didn't fall far from either side of the tree!!

amanda said...

LOL! Cute Couple!