Thursday, December 4, 2008

the famous Carner Tree Trimming

Well this is a tradition that I think you only love and cherish if you were born a Carner! Every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving we load up and head to Grandma and Grandpa's. They are pastors and they have almost all my life lived about an hour and half away in town called Braggs, America as we like to call it. N E way we all pile in there tiny house there is probably at least 35 of us and always a few friends who come with someone. This is how we trim the tree. We go in age order and hang our ornaments. Each family have a theme like ours was Raggedy Anne and Andy for example and you use this ornament til you are married then you and your husband get to hang your ornament together. I almost forgot to mention that as your hang your ornament the crowed is chanting your name for encouragement it's a real accomplishment to hang that thing up there :). Then after the tree is all done. We sing Christmas carols. The Christmas carol we sing every year no matter what is the 12 days of Christmas and we all have an assigned part. It is the funnest thing ever.

this is not a part of our tradition I was getting a little irritate that an hour of trimming was dedicated to this game. we had to trim fast at half time.

notice the tree limbs gone so people could see. Also notice how many people are crowed in. This is not even almost every one.

Grandma sorting out the ornaments she is forgetting who's is who a little in this day and age.

This is me and shane after we hung ours. It's customary for the married couples to share a smooch after we hang up our ornament. Shane usually hates this, but this year he just planted one right on me.(hints the face)

this is me and Madison awaiting our turn!

My grandparents are the last to go and they look forward to their PDA for the year. I look forward to me and Shane to be able to share this tradition with our kids and grand kids some day!!!


Becky said...

I have to say that this has to be one of the loveliest traditions I have ever heard of !!!

Sarah said...

This is the first year that Drew sang in the 12 days of Christmas :) He usually refuses cause he is embarrassed :)

Dawn said...

That sounds really fun! Without the football game of course!