Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not much going on

There's not been much going on to blog about! I have been super busy getting my Summer Reading Program stuff ready to go at the library This years theme is "Be Creative @your library" We have a lot of fun stuff planned for children ages 3 to 4Th graders.

Mothers day came and went I did better then what I thought I would. I had a little minor break down after we left his grave. I think that is pretty normal. My Grandma had me stand up and honor me along with all the mothers. I have wanted to be able to stand up and be a mother for so long. I just wish it had been different this year. I enjoyed spending time with me mom and we had a great time just being a family!

Next week will be pretty busy also. Graduation on Thursday evening a meeting in Tulsa on Friday then trying to see as much family as possible for memorial day weekend. Jaxxon's Marker came in and I'm really excited to see it. We will make the trip to Paden on Thursday to see the marker and Shane's cousin graduate.

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