Saturday, October 31, 2009

Corn Maze *Tons of Pics*

The first weekend in October we decided to take some of our nieces and nephews and cousins to a corn maze. One was haunted and one was just the kind you walk through and go to every check point. We had a lot of fun even though I had to practically drag Shane to car lol! Once we got there he was glad he came!

This is Shane waiting for my Mom to get there with the kids see how excited he is lol!
Katy and Derrick playing on the big Checker Board :)
After being there a while they talked Shane into a potatoe sack race :) I was wish I would have recorded it. Shane took 2nd I was pretty impressed! ( left to right: Katy, Shane, Alec, Derrick, Lauren)

Derrick and Lauren both fell so I had to document it for ever :)

The three younger ones decided to race and as you can see Katy is way out front! It helps to have a rear that skinny Ha!

They had this cute little place set up for family photos so we took advantage! (left to right: Reyann, Mom, Alec, Me, Shane and the model is Derrick lol!)

My Uncle Gary with his two girls Lauren and Katy...Karen stayed home b/c she was too scared of the Blade Man hahahahaha!

Me Shane and Katy this was actually a ring toss but we couldn't resist :)

Reyann and my Mom in the corn stalks that are actually not corn! I still don't quit get the concept but whatever.

Toasting our hand before we go into the Haunted corn maze! We were getting nervous....
It was a great time with family and a memory I will have forever! I love Halloween and Fall it's my favorite time of year. We went to three different haunted houses this year and none of them were that scary but it was still fun just to go!

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