Saturday, October 31, 2009

Has your Wonderful Husband Ran into your Car?!?!

MINE HAS!!!!!!

I was sitting in the house one night last week and I hear this crash outside I knew it was Shane b/c of how loud his truck is... I was just hoping it wasn't anything of his Pa's b/c we would never ever ever hear the end of it! I was thinking surely I was dreaming I heard him hit something. He comes in and slams the door and says I just hit your car. I could see he was upset so I didn't harass him... to much Ha! I was sick to my stomach b/c we had the rinky peon for so long and nothing happened to it. Of course my new car I have had not even six months I don't think gets ran into by one of my own. :) The damage is not that bad but still I was sick.

Shane decided he could find me a bumper on eBay that we just had to paint. To our shock and amazement he found one for .01 then after we paid our penny plus $69.00 shipping we discovered how great our deal was it had a dent in it on the exact same spot lol! Only Shane is talented enough to do that :)

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