Saturday, October 31, 2009

Huck and House!

This is little Huckabear! He's almost 13 weeks old and has gotten two rounds of shots. He gets really sick and sleeps all day after he gets them. It's really sad :( I said I would never get a dog and I have became one of those crazy people with a fur baby. I guess my heart needed some to love and love me back unconditionally more than what I thought. Since I can't control when and if I will have children I can go out and buy as many dogs as I want :)

You think your just staring at a bunch of woods! Well you are but if you could go in your imagination this will be our future road to our future house :)

Me and Shane out scouting the place!

This is where the house will sit.
We have always wanted to build in the trees and have a tree lined drive way and we are going to get our wish! (after the paper work and the house actually gets built LOL!) Good things come to those who wait isn't that the saying?
I wanted to show start to finish has we complete each step in owning our first home! So be looking for the dozer work pics next :)

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