Saturday, November 21, 2009


yes I'm going to write a post about a fictional love triangle that I get so worked up over. Ha!

So last night Mom, Melissa, Reyann, Heather and myself all went to watched New Moon. For all you people who know nothing about the twilight saga (I kind of feel for ya since your missing out!) It's not a real Moon it's the title of the second book in the series. I read all the books in about a two week time period and have since then read twilight twice. So it had been a while since I had been trapped in the fantasy world of Forks, Washington. Edward the vampire and Bella's love interest leaves town for her "best interest" and her best friend Jacob who is a werewolf steps in and kind of takes his place temporarily. While I was reading I just kept hoping for Edward to come back and didn't really feel the connection between her and Jacob. Last night watching the movie I felt she had more chemistry with Jacob and I liked the Bella she was with Jacob better then Bella she was with Edward. So I'm torn between who I think she should be with. What do you guys think? (even if you don't "think" about if you read the books who do you like her with better :))

Yes me a 25 year old is actually thinking about this! Hey for two hours last night I thought of nothing else then what I was watching and lately that's an accomplishment :) It's normally will we ever get pregnant if we ever get pregnant again will I ever have an baby that gets to live with us... So I was very grateful for the distraction.

I snapped this pic while it was still on the scream everyone was yelling b/c they were so excited!


Mandy said...

I'm torn also, but seriously you know she is supposed to be with Edward so there can even be two more movies! Loved the movie and how it stayed true to the book! I reallllly like Jacob though!

Chelsa said...

a distraction is nice isn't it?!