Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend in Woodward

We went to Woodward this past weekend we had a great time. We mostly just hung out and ate big surprise ;) Me and Shane did take pictures with Sarah Castor her website is www.Saephotography.net you should check her out! We have seen the pics unedited and they are great it's going to be so hard to choose which ones we want!

Bree was stuck to us like glue... we loved every minute of it! She made me take a bath and wash all of her barbie dolls heads and then she washed mine three times with each kind of shampoo that was in the bathroom :)

We took Huck of course and he had a blast playing with Boomer I should have taken pics I just always forget.

Brother Bear would at least come to me. Last week they came to Paden and he acted like he didn't know me. I was really sad... He redeemed him self this weekend :) he was yelling for Nane a lot they had fun playing together.

On the way home Huck slept the entire time he hasn't played that hard in his life! all 14 weeks of it ;)

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Sarah Castor said...

I'm glad you love them! I know I sure did!