Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Woodward Style!

Last weekend we traveled to Woodward for Christmas with the Allens. a weekend is never long enough to spend with your family but we got a lot of family time in! the pics are in order wrong but didn't really feel like fixing them.
This is Bree on the bike we got her! It has a little seat for her baby doll on the back to cute! She was so excited to see it she ran and gave Nane a great big hug... I didn't get one though :( what's up with that?!?!?!
Here is the little cutie in his new cowboy boots we go him. He got two pairs and didn't know which ones he wanted to wear more I think I changed them like 5 times :)

This pic is kinda of blurry but this is the new wedding band my honey got me for Christmas it's Sapphire and diamond I have always wanted a Sapphire one b/c September is both of our birthdays!
Me and Tish waiting on Christmas breakfast!

Surprised him! :)
This was the best pic I could get with them in their Christmas pj's I got them!

There's brother bear posing pretty.

Shane and his mommy!
Shane showing off how convenient it is to high five in Tisha snuggie!lol

Me, Bree and Huck waiting on Christmas breakfast!
Brett and Brenda, the two who started it all :)

Brenda cooking for us :)

Uncle Nane and Bree!

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Chelsa said...

glad you guys had a good christmas w/ your families!