Saturday, January 2, 2010

NYE 2009!

This New Year Andy and Lacy got us a hotel for Christmas, we were so excited to go! We had a great time and I love to watch people and there were plenty of interesting to look at! decided not to take pics of them but I really wanted to!

My new hair on the way to OKC. Shane's still not use to it. I love it though...
Me and Lacy!
Shane being Shane!

Andy and Lacy after our bellies got stuffed on Abuelos!!

Our Hotel from the 4th floor :)

I really need on of those camera's you can see yourself as your taking them! lol

Me and Lacy it was freeeeezzzzinnnngggg!!!!

The four of us Shane, Me, Lacy and Andy! Last pic of '09

Here in Oklahoma we raise the ball not drop it! :)

Fireworks that we actually got to see b/c we had to run away from a group of retarded kids beating each other up!

Things I forgot my camera for we took a limo ride compliments of the hotel. We walked around down town. Then we took a horse drawn carriage ride back to our hotel then we got all bundle up for the fireworks and to watch the ball rise. It was so much fun we may do it again next year!

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Chelsa said...

love the new hair!!