Thursday, May 20, 2010


Life has way to many curve balls sometimes... I think the winds of change are blowing our way again and am praying that God would open every door that needs to be open! Trying not to stress to much and go with the flow.

This past weekend we traveled to Woodward and had lots of fun. Then I went back on Tuesday evening and stayed til this morning. Man Bree wears me out! but I miss her and Jare and Saw as soon as I'm in my car! They definitely make life interesting.

Bree asked why I have fat rolls, I said b/c I'm Fat and she said well then I have skinny rolls! A mess I tell ya! She's kinda of in the making up story age instead of the truth, so we had to work on that a couple of times to! But she is just so preciously ornery ;)

Jarrett decided he kinda likes his aunt Ash which is just fine with me b/c he is one cute little boy! He is completely different from Bree. I got lots of hugs and he wanted me to rock him to sleep. I think the whole time I was there I had one or sometimes two kids attached me somewhere. :)
Me and Tish decided Jare had the Avatar thing that attaches to there flying things b/c he glued to some one at all times!

Sawyer, well truth be told I don't get much time with him between the other two. He's always smiling and such a good baby! I watched him while Tish went and walked and he just set on my lap and smiled and talked to me. He almost had to be a laid back baby :)

I know this is random but wanted to remember spending time with them!

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