Tuesday, June 15, 2010

an accident and a weekend :)

Well my wonderful and graceful husband was doing some work to our land. burning brush and and breaking limbs. One piece of tree limb came back and gave him this little beauty! He walked in the door with it covered, and said we need to go to the ER. I thought he had just got dehydrated or something then he moved his shirt, and there was blood everywhere. I freaked b/c I'm not the best in these types of situations. So we rushed to the hospital and he got three stitches.

Brandy, Tyrel, and Graydon came for a visit and our other friends Darrin and Misty invited us for a Saturday of fun at the river!

This with me enjoying putting my feet in the sand. It's a free pedicure! :)

This is Shane cooling off after smoking a bunch of meat. Graydon is telling his daddy all about it.

This is Shane walking down by the river to go swimming.

After we were all stuffed we decided to play some Volleyball it was fun! I'm not so great at it, but I love to play anyway. :)
I wish I would have got a pic of me and Brandy but we were busy taking the pics. We made a few funny memories that involved me driving, OK trying to drive the rhino! Lets just say there was bug splatter and yelling the word TREE! We had a great weekend and great company and glad they came for a visit. Maybe next time they come we will have more then one open room. ;)

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Dawn said...

The thing about the women is they are always the ones taking pictures!