Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vistors from Woodward!

Tish decided to come to Paden for a few days and let the kids swim. So Shane and I had fun filled weekend with our Niece and Nephews! We had a ton of fun. I have to admit we were glad to have our bed back to ourselves and so was Huck! I had one jealous puppy. :)

Jarrett came down on Saturday after his birthday party. We have never had him that long by his self. I don't know if he had fun, but we enjoyed spending time with just him! We were watching Toy Story and he was just relaxing.

Father's day was Sunday so we all went out to the cemetery to visit our boy.

On Tuesday evening we decided to have a little weeny roast at Tommy and Sandy's.

Me and Bree on our turn :)

Shane relaxing in the pool!

Me and Jare Bear!

Jare is a water bug. If he could learn to keep his mouth closed I think he would just take off swimming on his own. He was jumping off the ladder to me, so Shane decided we should just throw him to each other. Well he loved it we had to do it about 20 more times . :)
The Red Blur is Jarrett!

Bree and Kennedy.

On Wed. Bree went to work with me for story time and afterwards we ran to the park for a little bit. She had fun going down the slides and running around before it got to hot! Then me and Tish and Bree ran to Mounds to get our hair cut. Bree got hers chopped off it is sooo cute. I didn't take a pic b/c I was getting mine done after she got hers cut.

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