Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Project!

Since we got our house the number one thing I have wanted to fix is take out the nasty carpet! Well on Sunday Shane got the idea that he wanted to change the carpet too! So on Monday we headed to Lowes...

Here's the basket full of our goodies.

The not so nice carpet... Those are some of Hucks bones we found about 15 under there!

Carpet ripped up!

Shane hard at work!

I LOVE it! It looks so much cleaner and opens the space up! Shane still has to do the trim but it is already a huge improvement!

Hopefully we can do the living room and hallway soon!



Dawn said...

That looks wonderful!

AHendy said...

love it! way to go shane! can he come do it at our house too??? we have carpet in our bathroom...yuck!