Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weight loss month 3!

Well this month was really rough going! From the end of February to really two weeks ago I kind of fell off the wagon... I was still exercising and walking just not as much and with no real motivation... I think it was Jaxx's birthday, spring break, family visiting whatever it was I'm mad at myself about it!

My jeans are getting looser Buying a size smaller in shirts! I really do feel the best I've felt in two years maybe even the best I've felt before our infertility journey started! That folks is God! I thank him every day for waking me up and watering my weary soul.

Pic on right is me at 223 on the left is 215.8

January left now right

Still training for 5k consistently running it around 50 min. By race day want to be running it in 45. We joined a gym this month so I've started weight training and elliptical. My goal for this month is be at least 210! Happy losing :)



Chelsa said...

you go girl!

Lindsay Jay. said...

You are doing great girl! Keep it up!!!! :)