Monday, July 11, 2011

More newness

Shane starts a new job tomorrow! We are very excited and hope it helps make our future more stable bc it's not just us anymore and it felt like the opportunity was right! Anywho he leaves tomorrow and won't be back till next Tuesday night or Wednesday :(... But the Good news is I get him for 7 whole days after that! So it will be an adjustment, but it will be worth it!

So we are off to another adventure in the Allen household! Today we had to get him some supplies and we had Missy pants with us! Here she is with her daddy!

I'm going to miss him like crazy but thankful he'll do what it takes to provide for us! Thanks babes!



Chelsa said...

congratulations to him on a new job!
ryan is/has been looking for a new one as well...

Dawn said...

You guys and your changes! :) love you and looks like Missy Pants is pretty adorable! and adored??? :)