Thursday, July 28, 2011


We have Little miss in our home!!!! I'm so so excited! she has been with us since Monday and her worker says there is no real chance that she would ever go home! They have to give the parents every opportunity but the odds are definitely in our favor! So keep praying!! Her next court date is in October so hoping all goes well between now and then. We start visits with the parents the second week in August. She is so happy and adjusting well. She has to a have little medical procedure on her eyes in late August so please say a prayer that all goes well for that. Thanks in advance and thanks for all the love and support.
Just for your viewing pleasure :o) all the Allen cousins!
One cute bunch!

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Dawn said...

Is that little medical procedure gonna remove the heart from her face in the pictures? :) I'm excited to meet her! The picture is adorable.