Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 months

Two months already time flys when your not having fun too. I still miss him like crazy everyday. I held the first newborn since Jax today, he was so precious, I haden't realized til that moment how much my heart longed to hold my own baby. At that moment my arms felt heavy with emptiness. I know I want my baby and holding little Noah was so precious, but it wasn't my baby who I know was made to fit perfectly in my arms. One day baby boy I'm going to hold you and wrap you up real tight. Until then I will continue to miss you hear on Earth.

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Anonymous said...

love and miss him very much too there is not a day that goes by without my thoughts of Jaxxon's and I tell him I love him daily even tho I know he already knows I hope someday soon we get to love and hold another baby enough for 2 the same as you were when you were born and still are today I love you