Thursday, April 9, 2009


We colored Easter Eggs tonight. We set out to color only 24, but ended up with 48 cause the "Adults" were having too much fun! Jarrett only dropped an egg in this year, but Bree really enjoyed it. She keeps telling me she wants to do the trick-or-treat. She is a little confused, I think she just wants candy! Here are some pictures of our fun! Scott joined the fun after he and my dad ran to get more eggs for us. I didn't get any pictures of him or myself, but oh well!

Watch me Brother I'll show you how to do it...

After Brother dropped his egg in the dye

Jarrett wanted to attack his Nane

My hands are blue and green (those wire holders and I do not get along) Breeana has 2 shirts that are probably ruined and Nane ate several eggs and probably has a tummy ache, but it was lot's of fun!

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