Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Less than a week...

We are less than a week away from Jaxxon's due date. Needless to say it has been really a rough time for me. I would think that things would be getting easier and in some regards they are, but I just miss him so much. I thought we would be welcoming home our very own bundle of joy anytime now. I guess it's just hard to get that out of my head.

Father's day was bittersweet, my husband is a father this fathers day but not the way we had pictured. I know when we get to have a child on this earth he is going to be a great dad! He is so great with kids.

We had Jarrett's first birthday party this last weekend. (of course we can't celebrate a birthday with out someone being sick, and this time it was my turn!) I crawled out of bed b/c I wouldn't miss it for the world. I was sitting there thinking we will never get to have this for Jaxxon and he will never get to know his cousin Jarrett this side of heaven, we had hopes for them to be great friends. I can't believe a year has gone by that God put little Jar Bear in lives, but I'm thankful that he has given us such a great nephew to love and spoil :)

This is the little four wheeler we got him! he's going to be a little dare devil like is Nane!

This weekend my nephew Alec turned 14! man I'm getting old. He's a special little boy with the biggest heart. We know he's going to grow up and be a pro athlete of some kind he's great at every sport. I love you bunches Alec!

This post has a bunch of randomness in it. If you have a few minutes this week I could use a little prayer.

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Stephanie Scales said...

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know you are in our prayers. I am visiting Famly and friends in CA right now but will be cming through OK next week and then agian n Aug.
THIS IS GOING TO SOUND TOTALLY WIERD: I am not sure if you belive this or not but i feel as if GOD wants me to do something for you. I would love to get you something special inmemory of your lil guy. Something simple..
Please dont think I am wierd, I have gotten " messages" befor and ignoored them in fear people would think i was wierd then I regrettted it in the end. I know we dont really know each other but i figure maybe I was drawn to your blog for a reason and I would love to meet someday and get to know you...SOO let me know if there i something special thats only here in CA that I could get and bring home for ya!