Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doctors appointment

Bright and early Monday morning Tish and I and Jarrett head to Doc Evans in Stillwater. I have been having some issue with things that I thought were side effects of medicine I had been taking and need to get some answers and my thyroid checked. Ladies did you know three to eight months postpartum your thyroid can go nuts so don't just assume it's all b/c you have a new baby. James (scott's dad) brought Bree to meet us in Stillwater. I had to get my blood drawn which requires needles which I hate. So Tish had to hold my hand after we were done Bree told me she was "Soooo proud of me" and that I could "get a sucker" it was just too cute!

Doc said that he was fairly certain it was all side effects of my medicine but that we should check my thyroid just in case. He also told me to cut my dose in half. I'm hoping it helps fix the problem. I also got to speak with him about when I get pregnant again weather or not he could over see my care since I'm considered high risk and good news I can! I will have to go to a fetal medicine specialist to a very in depth ultrasound at 16 to 18 weeks. I was so happy he could see me b/c he is such a great doctor and cares so much for his patients his heart is in it and that puts me at ease.

Well one of the perks to driving 2 1/2 hours to your doc is getting to eat a places Woodward doesn't have. Well we let Bree pic (mistake) She picked Eskimo Joe's which isn't bad but it's not great either.

This is my Chili dog I ordered, not your everyday hot dog but it was actually pretty good!

This is miss priss herself! She was in a mood yesterday, lets just say the trip home was not as pleasant as the trip there :) I love her anyway.

This is mister man, isn't he so sweet! he did so great in the car. Thanks Tish for going with me and holding my hand!

Brett was Enid so as we were coming back through we met him at Freddie's Ice cream if you have never been you must stop in. The food is alright but the ice cream is out of this world. It is by far my favorite!

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Dawn said...

That chili dog just looks so.....wrong..... :)