Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why People Why

So here is a my gripe for today Ha! I go to check my mail a couple of times this last week and I get a cute tiny little diaper, and a packet to fill out a survey and a bib that says baby on it. This is what the letter enclosed in the packet said. If you have lost your baby we are truly sorry, but even though it's hard you should really fill out our survey that repeatedly says things about your "new baby"! How are they sleeping or eating or sitting up. I'm like come on people you want women who have a lost a child to fill this crap out! I know that these companies don't realize that we lost our baby and if I was still pregnant and was actually going to have my baby I would be thankful for these freebies. I just wish there was like a registry that you could sign when you lose a baby so Huggie's and Enfamil and the state of Oklahoma would know these tings. So that's my vent session for today!

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Chelsa said...

the bereavement counselor at the hospital warned me about things like that, but i didn't realize how much it would bother me to still receive stuff like that... it's still coming to like updates "your 3 month old is eating etc" ugh!