Monday, June 15, 2009

Something fun to blog about!

This weekend I headed to Branson with one of my best friends Bekah. We had a lot of fun! I'm sore and tired but it was worth it. There's nothing like the rush of looking straight down on a steel roller coaster. We had good food and great time!

This is Bek and I before heading out to Silver Dollar City!

This is the welcome sign to the park!

We rode a giant swing that was so scary but so much fun we rode it twice:)

This is a pic of the actual swing.

After we rode the swing I took some time to milk a cow! LOL

This is for some of you Veggie Tales fans. This is the guy who sang the Cheeseburger song which is my favorite silly song! It was actually a pretty entertaining show. I love Silver Dollar City b/c they aren't afraid to put some God in there shows!

Me and Bek waiting for the show to start we are looking pretty rough this was the last thing we did. I was so tired!

These are the Silver Dollar Saloon girls this show was hilarious I'm glad we took time to watch it.

This is the sign to the powder Keg a coaster we rode three times in a row FIRST thing! I think this ride made sick for the rest of the day!

We also got to go to the Titanic Museum which was a really neat thing. I couldn't get any pictures b/c of a copy right law. If your ever in Branson this is worth the money! Thanks again Bek for a fun filled weekend which is just what I needed.


Sarah said...

Drew's aunt and uncle were just in Branson too, and they saw some show called "Noah" and they said it was amazing! I haven't been since Branson landing has been done, but I hope to go sometime soon.

Kendra said...

I am in the blogging world now. Come check us out.