Friday, February 6, 2009

Dependency Issues

Ok so on Tuesday of this week a lady from the bank called and said that we had been effected by the skum bag who stole a bunch of credit card numbers and information from a credit card distributing plant. Ne way to continue with my story I have been without my precious check card since then. I never carry cash just my little blue card. I have no Idea why my bank like other local establishments didn't send us new cards and then cancel our old ones who know. Ne way I went to check my mail and there was still no card!!!!!

I'm kinda am freakin out b/c what am I supposed to do. I know I can get cash but what if I don't pull out enough and me and Shane are starving by Sunday afternoon. :) I know I'm a bit of a drama queen but still. I need that wonderful piece of technology to feel safe at night! How am I suppose to support my Internet shopping habit and Old navy is have a free shipping sale on baby clothes, but can I partake in this NOOOOOOO! Also the Tupperware lady thinks I gave her a bogus card b/c she waited 5 weeks to run it through right after they closed my account so she has to wait on a new credit card number. Also I have to call the people I have set up auto draft with and set it up with my new card. So that's me ranting on a Friday about my dependency Issue with my check card. Hope all of you have better weekend then I'm already having.


Dawn said...

Pretend you are a pioneer! No need for Tupperware, Old Navy, grocery stores...Shane can go kill it, you can cook it and then keep the leftovers in a stewpot on the back of the stove!

Becky said...

I feel your pain - three weeks and still no replacement card. I am going crazy!!!!