Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day one!!!

Well we made it to Tulsa. I had a few breakdowns today but I know I had to go. It's funny that I thought I have wanted to move back here for two years and when I'm told I have to live here I have done nothing but cry :). I just thought It would be with my husband. I hope I get to see some family it's difficult to see when we come just for a weekend trip. I made Shane take picture of the nursery before we left this morning. A big thanks to Brett and Brenda for finishing this for us as a surprise we were suppose to come home to on Sunday. We weren't sure of the colors but I think it turned out beautiful and Jaxxon will have a great nursery to come home to. It's not completely done of course but I think it's off to a great start.

This is the crib and the picture I have to eventually get on the wall.

This is some of the loot we got for him on our trip to City, do you see his cute little flippy flops!! his daddy got those for him.

This is his swim suit to match his shoes. I realize he won't get to wear it in actual pool but he will sure be cute in pictures in it. The little puppy is what Bree got him when we found out he was a boy!

Just another view of the nursery.

This is me 19w6d pregnant.


Kara said...

I love the nursery...too cute! The swim suit is cute too! Try to relax and not stress out too much, praying for you sister :)

Sarah Castor said...

Awe! Ashley I love you and I miss seeing you! I am so excited for your blessing, Jaxxon! I can not fathom the excitement you experienced! I have been praying for you through the rest of your 138ish days. I know you and Shane will be fabulous parents!

P.S. I smiled real huge when you said "flippy flops" lol

Dawn said...

Your nursery is cute! and you are having your first baby--everyone else is supossed to buy you stuff--cause you're too poor. Oh, wait, that was us! ha. And I don't know why anyone would want to leave our town....LOL. Love you guys.

Tisha said...

We (I) miss you already!! Who am I going to have my weekly lunch date with for the next 4 weeks. I guess we can both order pizza and talk on the phone like we are at Mazzio's together:)! Take care of my little Nephew!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for all the support guys you really have no idea what it means to me!