Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doctor's update

Well I just returned home from my doctors appt. It went well I knew we wouldn't find out anything new but at least I have a doctor here now. I go back on March 9th for an ultra sound here. To see if the placenta is doing any moving. The doctor also was concerned that my two ultra sound reports are both saying very different things about the position of my placenta. As many of you know you placenta doesn't just float around! So my new doctor her name is Doctor Gray wants to get a look for herself. She doing the same ultra sound that they normally do at 20 weeks over again b/c she wants to get a good look at everything. I think I would cry if they told me we were having a girl :) considering the nursery is pretty much done. She might would just have to like cars. Well I hope all is well with everyone. I'm going to take my normal laying down position :)


Dawn said...

Blessings, best wishes are sent to you. Don't be too bored!

Sarah Castor said...

Well I am glad you have a doctor now! Is there anything you would like to do while laying down? or is there anything you need?

Janice said...

Glad you got a doctor nearby. Just stay in bed and do what the doctor says. The time will go fast.