Monday, February 2, 2009

Today is the DAY

I'm laying in my bed thinking about getting dressed for the drive to Stillwater to see my first baby on the ultra sound. So many emotions but mostly excitement! With a little luck we will finally know what our little one will be a Jaxxon Shane Allen or Leighton Grace Allen. It's so crazy that before today it's just been the baby, but after this afternoon we can begin to imagine our beautiful baby and how it will grow up. The whole crew is going and we're meeting my Dad and Step-mom Dawn in Stillwater. My mom wanted to be there but had an orientation thing at work she couldn't get out of. The day is also bitter sweet b/c I was suppose to be sharing this excitement with my best friend also. Many of you know that Tish lost her baby on Sat. How I wish things were different so if you will just be pray for us today that would be greatly appreciated. I will post about the appt. tonight!

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