Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Month

Well today marks one month since mister Jaxxon Shane Allen made his entrance in the world. It also marks the day he went to be with Jesus. Time flies I have no profound words for this day other than I miss him. My heart has found a new way to love, it has also experinced the worst heart ache there is on this earth. I hope all of you hold your children and wrap them up real tight today! they are the most precious gift we get on this earth!


Anonymous said...

hi Ash I love you i wish i could be there today but i cant wait for tomorrow see you soon call me if you need me


Anonymous said...

Ashley, you are very brave to share the most intimate parts of your heart with us, you truly are a brave and loving mom, friend, and wife.

Anonymous said...

Ash, I have just had a chance to read the last couple of blogs. I am so proud of you ! Your strength through God has been amazing ! I love you !


Anonymous said...

Ashley mom loves you .My little girl has grown up in so many ways .I know some of the pain you have,but you are so strong in ways I wasn't I know God will bless you and Shane in a very special way at just the right moment because of your faith and strenght Wished I could have been there with you today hopefully we will be tomorrow