Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Aspiring Ballerina

In case anybody was wondering what I do in my spare time... I give wonderful dance lesson 2 sometimes 3 nights a week! To the best student. The beautiful ballerina is Breeana Jean Hayes. She is quite the dedicated student. She picks up the choreography like a pro! I have provided video of her doing her best dance!!! This is how a boring American Idol turns out around here!!!


This is me showing of my skills ha ha! I just thought you would want to see my quilifactions before you wanted to sign up for class de la Ashley



Becky said...

I think I see "Dancing with the Stars" in both of your futures :D

Ashley said...

I'm sure that would be something spectacular to see! :)

Kara said...

that is great...my boys need help, they dance like their dad! How much do you charge?

Mandy said...

I watch those videos and get totally jealous of all the energy you have!! Where does that come from?

Tisha said...

Just so you know Mandy she was laying on my couch last night complaining her skin was going to fall off her bones!! She was hurting all over from the previous nights dance session!!!!!