Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who said being a librarian is boring!

Today I had another workshop but this one was really really fun. It was a gaming workshop. Yes librarians do video games it a way to reach people who normally don't come to the library it's all in a hard days work! :) This is the youth service librarian from ODL (Oklahoma Department of Libraries) showing them how to use rock band.
Playing DDR (dance dance revolution)

intently watching :)


Hilary said...

Wow, who knew librarians danced and rocked? I can't believe they didn't send my Dad!?!

Kara said...

Yeah I am with Hilary, why didn't Larry get to go... :)

Ashley said...

LOL I don't think he would be much in to that part of the Library :) I think we strech him enough to put up with all of us crazy women. lol!! I just can't believe I got paid to do that.