Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Up to Early!!!

Well it's 9:21 and I'm in Oklahoma City!! I had to get up at 5:30 A.M.!!!! I know my alarm clock doesn't even have that hour on it. It is very rare that I even see that time of day b/c well I really enjoy sleep ;) I'm going to be learning about photo shop. Which should pretty cool and useful!! You should check out Tisha blog b/c I'm looking way cute shopping with breezy j/k. Really you can see my large rear end :). Shane left me again yesterday but just til Thurs. this time. I'm really missing him being gone. I think sometimes I take for granted that he'll be there every night. So I guess I really do love him. Which I guess is a good thing since I'm going to have be married to him for next million years or so. according to Barbara Walters we can live to 150 now!! wow I know what your thinking who would want to live that long and certainly not me but if I'm going to have to married for him that long its a good thing that I like him!!! Maybe I'll post later to tell how exciting this workshop is!!!


Hilary said...

Hi Ashley! I just found your blog. Glad you decided to join the bloggig world! Hope you enjoy the class. I would actually like to take that class. BTW, I love that pic of Shane on the side-so funny!~

Kara said...

5:30 is way too early! Don't get too bored! Loved the pics and video on Tish's page!

Ashley said...

This is class is pretty cool it helps learn how to create some pretty cool stuff for your photo's. I wanted to show the true shane.