Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I love my niece!

I was over at Tish's house last night helping paint. Actually Brenda and Tisha had it almost done I just cut in the top of the walls. Never the less I was there. Then we watched dancing with the stars and as I was leaving I said do you want to go bye bye in Ashley's Truck! and for the first time she said I go in truck and was ready to go with me. It was so cool I was like she really likes me :) lol! So we got pj's on and juicey cuppy and binky. We said our goodbyes. She even Said bye Tisha it was cute then we were off to uncle nane and ent Ashley Mae's. We had a fun filled evening which included jumping on my bed for an hour and now my arms hurt from throwing her. Painting her fingernails for the first time. She actually set really still I was impressed. It was fun and she even slept in til 9:30 for me. So it was a fun night with Breezy.


Becky said...

You truly are Super Aunt! and helping with the painting, too:D

Mandy said...

Bree is so lucky to have such a fun aunt. I don't have enough energy to be that kind of aunt, you go girl!!

Ashley said...

Well She is just to darn cute to tell her no!!