Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Hope all is well, I couldn't post yesterday I was at the city for another Workshop. I was exhausted when I got home. Can't wait to see who goes home on Idol tonight though.

Let me just tell you about this picture. If you can see by our faces Bree thought what she just did was pretty dang funny. O it was funny alright and pretty ornery. She proceed to lick my entire face. and of course her uncle nane thought this was hilarious. So he had her licking my nose my mouth. I think this particular time she had just licked my face for like five seconds. In case you didn't get my earlier post. you may not know but i don't do saliva very well so needless to say Bree thought this was so funny to gross Aunt Ashley out!!!!

This is the Second personality of Bree the sweet, innocent, loving and beautiful. I much prefer this Bree. O by the way we are striking a pose in case you don't watch top model and know about all this stuff!!! :)


Tisha said...

I think your were implying(probably mispelled this word, not a good speller) that you do not like my child when she is being a brat!!!! LOL j/k it was not totally her fault nane and mom were encouraging the licking. We love to laugh at you weakness!!! And you make it sooooo easy!

Kara said...

I am with you on the face licking...that is just gross! She is pretty onery, but I am sure she comes by it naturally! Looks like you were having fun!

Mandy said...

Hey who wants a kid around thats not a little onery, I love it!!