Monday, April 28, 2008

Ok I promised Sleep over pics

Well I've been promising to post these. So here they are!!!! Bree loves to paint her nails, Jump on the bed and watch Pueblo. at Nane and Ashwely's house!
This is here drying her toes with the foot dryer as she calls it She just thought this was too cool!

This is me painting her nails notice she is still drying her toes. :)

Both are feet my polish isn't new but this was the only way she would show them.

and her nails she had mostly wore off by the time I was done.
This was the after effect. I bet Shane will want to kill me but I thought this was too funny b/c they are sleeping almost the same way! Niece like Uncle I guess. anyway I thought I would just show some of the fun times we have been having. Also I would like to congratulate her on using the potty! Yay Breezy!


Kara said...

That looks fun! I know she loves spending time with you!

Ashley said...

She better she wears me out :)!