Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 2

Well it's day 2 one day left. I'm having fun but I'm so ready to see Shane. We have got to eat at all my favorite places so that's been one of my favorite things. plus all the freebies. I got three free books. So exciting!!!! We got to eat at speedy's tonight which is one of my favorite places in Tulsa to eat. I have to tell u a funny story. Terry one of my co-workers had a class that was held off site. So I was taking her to class and as I was walking out of the building a lady stopped me and said I'm glad I finally found were the class was, and could I tell her where it was? Mind you I had nothing on that identified me as a librarian. So I what I found that was funny about this is apparently I look like a librarian which I found to be a bit scary:P


Tisha said...

You are missing me and Bree too..RIGHT??? Breezy shook her bootie again today and said "Ashley do that!!!"

Mandy said...

You just crack me up all of the time. When I think "librarian" you don't pop in my head!!

Tisha said...

you are slacking a little in the blogging department! it's been a few days, and we haven't heard about day 3 yet!!!